The Con in the Window

My day starts early in the morning at 5:30. After COVID I stop going to the gym, I have bought some equipment to exercise from home. One morning during my training, I stop for a break I notice something on the window. The Con reflecting on the window, placed the con on the grass while the really con was positioned at the paved area. I was puzzled for a moment, I recollected myself and change my position. In my new position, I was able to see the true position of the Con.

From that moment I realized that what I see may not the same thing they see. The way we view the world may not the same way the world is viewing itself.  The view of your position tells you the story of what you are focusing at, change the view you may see or tell the different story. Tupac Shakur said don’t look back unless it’s a good view, he emphasizes the importance of a good view to see a true reflection of the story or meaning. The good VIEW may give you the true reflection of the story. The word VIEW give you a perspective to the real story.

Vision: This is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. Going for the invisible that will improve your life and society.

Inspire: Aspire to inspire before we expire. Your small drops of water make an ocean. Just like that if you can accomplish small successes, it will turn into something bigger and better for everyone.

Empower: We are more powerful when we empower each other. It about improving others or yourself. When empowering another person, you impact that person, but not just them. You are impacting the world and, ultimately, yourself. Changing one person’s life may not change the world but it’s may change someone’s world.

Worth: You are the only one that can determine and improve your worth. No one can take away your power. This is an illusion, a false barrier you have built. You can claim your power the minute you realize that you have it.Common sense is not common to everyone, the same as what you see may not the same thing they see. The question is, what do you see from your VIEW?

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