The LOPO Medication

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I have been trying to understand some of my personality, what I found did not surprise me. I found out that I love challenges and finding solutions. In the being of my career, I was not able to hold a job for more than three years.  One of the reasons I was looking for the nextchallenge, but what drove me to the next challenge was the working conditions and culture. Seven later I joined one of the International Company, I have been working for this company for the past 11 years. In this 11-years leadership has changed three times but working conditions and culture has remained the same. This is one of the reasons I’m still working for this company. 

We currently going through the 4th leadership change, this one is deferent, and it is threatening company working conditions and culture. A few days ago, I attend a meeting with some of the company executives, where I realised the body/organisation is going to get sick. I started to fill my blood boiling, an increase in heart rate and I was getting sick. This was the first indicator that our body/organisation will need attention and that when I remembered the Sponge Bob and Square Pants Life lesson from Robin Sharma book The Greatness Guide The change is not in line with Sponge Bob and Square Pants Life lesson.

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They say it during this time when LOPO is the solution.  LOPO is the medicine used to treat the blood pressure,heart failure, heart attack, stroke, kidney and diabetes. The meeting I went too, made me think the organisation is approaching it heart failure or heart attack. It going to need LOPO medication. This will treat the organisational heart failure or heart attack to be the same working conditions and culture that I stayed in for the past 11 years. The LOPO solution will reinstate the following to the organisational conditions and culture:

1. L – Laugh and have fun: Enjoying your work and having fun in the process. There’s no point in being successful but sad. Makes no sense. Yes, reach for the mountaintop. But enjoy the climb as well. Life wasn’t meant to be an ordeal. Have a big-time fun as you chase – and catch – your most cherished dreams.

2. O – Originality: Being original and respecting cultural rituals. SpongeBob is one of a kind. Too many amongst us are afraid to be ourselves. So, we give up our dreams to follow the crowd. Sad. “To thine own self be true” wrote Shakespeare. Have the courage to be your true – and best – you.

3. P – People value: Recognising people talent that contribute to the success of the organisation. SpongeBob knows what friendship means. He loves his pals in Bikini Bottom, even Squidward “who is always cranky”, to use my son Colby’s words. SpongeBob knows that respect and putting people first are two of the most important elements of a strong relationship.

4. O – Optimist eternal: The guy (the sponge I should say) always sees the best in any situation. You’re thinking really does shape your reality. And because SpongeBob looks for the best, he finds it.

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