Time To Battlefields

Photo by Jordan Benton on Pexels.com

It was the 4th of December 2020 travelling to my friend wedding at Battlefields. Myself and my wife we agreed to travel at 13:00 to avoid driving at night. She asked to start at the saloon to look beautiful for the wedding. Knowing my wife, she needs her time at the saloon. I do not know what I expected when agreed for her to start at the saloon on the same day we travelling.

Time tells the story, create emotions and it heals. At 10:00 my wife called me and said the saloon is full but she still going to make it for 13:00. 5 hours late she was still at the saloon and she was not updating now, I think she understood that she has broken the agreement. I was so upset with her, but deep in my heart, I knew that she will not make it for 13:00 as agreed. I do not know why I was upset because I know my wife when it comes to beauty and fashion. She eventual she arrived at 17:00 and she apologies, but I couldn’t say angry at her she was so beautiful it was worth the wait. We eventual travelled and we had a great time to battlefields.

After dinner, we went back to the room to prepare for the wedding the following day. While my wife was working on her dress for the wedding the following day and I started doing my daily reflection before I go to bed. I started reflecting why I was so angry when I knew that she will be late and it hit me, the importance of time. Time means different things everyone, it is something we deal with every day and something that everyone thinks they understand. What fascinates me is the compact and robust definition of TIME has proved to be remarkably tricky and elusive. I wanted to understand what TIME means to me, that made me angry. I realized that TIME means:

Trust – Reliability and firm belief. I trusted my wife will be here at 13:00 as agreed. I had a firm belief that she will be on time, even if I knew she is always late I still believe that she will be there. 

Integrity – The state of being whole and undivided is imported. To me being whole means keeping your promises and agreements. Not keeping the promises met not being whole to me. 

Measured – carefully considered and restrained, assess the importance, effect or value of something. The measure was 13:00 and we both failed 

Engaged – Formally agreed to a commitment. We did not meet keep to our commitment.

Before I went to bed, I realized that the deeper meaning of time has a different impact on everyone. Form me it Trust, Integrity, Measured and Engaged, what is your deeper meaning of TIME?

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