Hiking and Waterfall lesson – TRAIL

Photo by Malicky Boaz on Pexels.com

Nature will teach you a lot of things about life if you are observant. I have adopted hiking as one of my hobbies. I’ve noticed that most of my hiking trails have a waterfall at the end and the tougher the hiking trail the greater the waterfall experience. I have learned a few things during my hiking trails:

  1. It is very important to follow the route, some people have walked this route before, and it will take you to your destination. This applies to a real-life situation, some people have been walking the same journey and it is important to use they are route to success.   
  2. You must not rush so that you will not miss the signs. Even in real-life situations, we do experience signs (gutfeel), and we must not ignore them. They are part of nature guiding you to your success.
  3. The best waterfall view is always on the longest route and rough, but it is worth it. To simplify it, hard work always pays off (fortune favours the bold).
  4. Always try to find support, so that you will not slip and fall. Get a mentor or coach to give you support and encouragement in your journey to your success.
  5. Enjoy your hiking journey so that you will embrace the lesson. While you are working hard for your future success, enjoy it, so that you will remember the learnings of your hard work.
  6. Use the waterfall as a reward and resting station. So you can recharge for the way back. Always celebrate your small achievement and reward yourself for your hard work.

This is the way of life, follow the trail of the successful people, they live clues. The journey may be rough and long but is always rewarding in the end. Lastly, always celebrate your achievement. The TRAIL is part of the way of life, it teaches the following:

Photo by Karolina on Pexels.com
  • Teamwork: Hiking as a team, simplify the route and you have a team to motivate you during the trail. In life, you need to build a team of people that will support you, motivate you and consult during difficult times.
  • Respect: Hiking teaches you respect, as you walk the route, you respect everyone that has completed the trail. You must respect the people that have worked hard for their success. The journey to success is not easy.
  • Accountability: You are personally accountable for your safety and returning back to the station point during the trail. You are responsible and accountable for the decision you take to achieve your desire.
  • Integrity: Have completed the hiking trail, all the people starting the trail look at you with the eyes of strong moral principles. Your accomplishment in life builds your integrity in the eyes of the many.
  • Leadership: The hiking trail gives you direction to the waterfall’s best view. This skill is critical in life to provide direction in the journey to success. Hiking teaches you the skill of providing direction for the benefit of others.

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