The True Measure of Life – DREAM

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DESIRE of future REALITY obtained from invested ENERGY to ATTAIN your true-life MEASURE

I was closing the gate when I overhead two kids arguing about who has the best dream. The child with a black hoodie said I will have many cars and a big, beautiful house. The child with a white T-shirt responded by saying, I will have a lot of money to buy anything I want. I laughed and walked away, the kids continued with their argument. 

I entered the house and closed the door. I started to think about the kid’s argument and asked myself what stopped us from being so bold about our dreams. In their argument they used “will” as a commanding word, meaning there are sure it will happen. What made these kids to be so confident? I once had that a man without a dream is good as dead, does it mean if do not have a dream you’re dead?  Suzy Kassem said, “a heart without dreams is like a bird without feathers”. The dreams make life fulfilling and fly like a bird.  They are a lot of articles and studies done on the concept of DREAM. They emphasize the importance of having a dream, Walt Disney said if you can dream it, you can achieve it. I concluded that the kids were so confident because of the DREAM. The article by Mathew Walker shares few things about dreaming, one of the things is that dreaming enhances creativity and problem-solving.

The articles and studies also emphasize the importance of taking action to make your dream a reality. In the word DREAM, I noticed that it has a phrase that try to explain the word DREAM. The phrase is “DESIRE of future REALITY obtained from invested ENERGY to ATTAIN your true life MEASURE”.

This means if you invest your energy in your desire, your future goals can be your reality and live life with purpose.

When I was writing this blog, I also came across the life coaching method called DREAM used to guide individuals back to their true life desires. The coaching method breakdown DREAM into 5 steps:

  1. Desire: The things you really want, what impact you want to have and what is your ultimate goal.
  2. Reality: Your current status vs your future status.
  3. Energy: How much effort is required to close the gap between current status and future goals. Tools needed to achieve your goals.
  4. Attain: It action plan is broken down into smaller tasks detailing steps to achieve your ultimate goals and implementation of the action plan.
  5. Measure: Reviewing your progress, rewards or rewarding yourself and the impact made to you and others.

What is your true life measure that will change your life and others?

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