The Fall

You fall in love, and You fall from the position of power

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Fall is usually associated with failure. In South Africa, we have coined the phrase “must fall”. This was made famous during the former president. The fall was used as a removal act, with the aim of falling from the position of power. 14 February will come, and you will hear people saying they have fallen in love, expressing strong feelings of attachment and love, usually towards another person. The word “fall” can be used interchangeably to destroy or build. It builds families when the seeds fall to the ground and grow food to feed communities. The wheat falls to the ground, dies, and remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds. Anyone who loves their life will lose it, while anyone who hates their life in this world will keep it for eternal life. Individuals usually focus on the negative side of the fall.

Ironical when a waterfall forms the top hill, we lose our minds admiring the beauty of nature. There is a strong belief that waterfalls work worders. We all know that the sound of water is highly soothing. Waterfalls increase this sound, hearing water splashing down the waterfall into the pond below. This is proven to have a relaxing effect on the body, which inevitably improves our mental health. The Japanese Takigyo, the waterfall training/meditation. It is practiced widely by many throughout Japan. The objective of Takigyo is to cleanse one’s mind, body and soul through a Buddhism purification ritual. Across the world, a similar practice has been adopted as part of cleansing, mental training and self-discovery. Science supports Japanese practice, which is why we should love waterfalls. The science has proven that a waterfall releases negative ions, and when we are near them, we soak those ions up as positive energy. Once they enter our bloodstream, our serotonin production is increased, making us naturally happier.

Waterfalls stimulate three senses at the same time. Firstly, sight. There is nothing quite like a waterfall, and I know that I could sit and watch a waterfall for hours if I was able to. The way waterfalls are so accessible and easy and inevitable. There is no pattern, and even though our eyes constantly search for patterns in everything, we will never really find one in a waterfall. So, our sense of sight is stimulated.

Second, hearing. A waterfall can roar like a jet engine or tinkle like the bells on a Christmas Tree. Either way, you hear a waterfall as much as you see it, and more often than not, you hear it long before you actually see it. The sense of hearing excites you and has your blood pumping, longing for that moment when you first SEE it.

Third, smell. This is not one that is often thought of, but it is true. The smell of a waterfall is so fresh and alluring. The water is clean, and the way it falls through the air is akin to fresh rainfall; we all love the smell of rain. This sense is most likely tingled by the most basic of human instincts that has us constantly seeking fresh water. After all, it is the elixir of life, and we rely on it to live.

Some call waterfall water therapy or aquatic therapy. Waterfalls are said to symbolise the process of letting go, cleansing and the continuous flow of energy and life. So, a waterfall in your dream can highlight the importance of letting go of the negative thoughts that have become lodged in your mind. Water is one of the four elements, a symbol that connects with our spirit, so a waterfall becomes something that purifies and washes away negative energy,

The water from the waterfall doesn’t stop in the big fall. It moves on and finds another fall to clean and renew itself. This is what we call a Waterfall “FALL” Model, and this model aims to emulate the waterfall by moving on and finding another fall to clean itself and renew itself again.


Free Achieve Life Living

Free: Let go is reinvesting yourself and removing yourself from what is holding you back. Like aquatic therapy, this promotes renewal and cleansing, leading to mental health and self-discovery. Just like water from the waterfall doesn’t stop in the big fall. It moves on and finds another fall to clean and renew itself. We must always let go so we can get renewed in the next big fall.

Achieve: Goals are always there. However, along the way, we lose it. The concept of achieving reminds us of the connection with our spirit, a new start in a clean environment with positive thoughts, changes (reset) goals setting new seeds. This helps us to refocus on our dreams and goals, and achievements stimulate us not to lose sight of our dreams and goals. You connect with your dreams and goals by freeing your mind and reflecting on your achievement.

Life: No one can tell the actual definition of the meaning of life. For some, it’s all about happiness, building a family, and leading life as it is. For some, it is about accumulating wealth; for others, it is all about love. In all, it is about taking action. This is an Act of watering the seeds, trusting the process, CONFIDENCE, FORGIVENESS, EMPOWERED, EQUIPPED, MATURITY. In life, you need to take action and create value for others.

Living is about self-fulfilment, realizing one’s deepest desires and capacities. The history of this concept can be traced to Ancient Greek philosophers, and it remains a unique concept in modern philosophy. This is more rewarding than achieving the goal. It is about realizing your desires and creating capacities for others.

The FALL Model teaches us to renew ourselves when we find challenges. We need to emulate the waterfall by moving on and finding another fall to clean ourselves and renew again.

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