The Teacher’s Kid – Fail

“Failure if success in-progress” Albert Einstein and “We learn from failure, not from success” Bram Stoker I’m the teacher’s kid, and my mother was a perfectionist. I experience failure at a very early age. I was doing my first year at school, I was five years old, and my mother made me repeat the class.Continue reading “The Teacher’s Kid – Fail”


“Well, with prophecy you got to see what happens” George Noory Prophecy is a prediction of what will happen in the future. What is the biblical difference between vision and prophecy? Our VISIONS are our prophecies Most prophecies use number seven, since seven is the number of completeness and perfection (both physical and spiritual). ItContinue reading “THE PROPHECY OUR VISION”

Queen at The Throne – DCO Principle

By Dr Emmanuel Imevbore “Eagles come in all shapes and sizes, but you will recognise them chiefly by their attitudes” (Charles Prestwich Scott). After a while, I had a coaching session, and my coach introduced the concept of significance. The concept emphasizes continually helping other people to achieve their respective goals and aspirations and being helpedContinue reading Queen at The Throne – DCO Principle

The True Measure of Life – DREAM

DESIRE of future REALITY obtained from invested ENERGY to ATTAIN your true-life MEASURE I was closing the gate when I overhead two kids arguing about who has the best dream. The child with a black hoodie said I will have many cars and a big, beautiful house. The child with a white T-shirt responded by saying, I will have a lot of money toContinue reading “The True Measure of Life – DREAM”

Hiking and Waterfall lesson – TRAIL

Nature will teach you a lot of things about life if you are observant. I have adopted hiking as one of my hobbies. I’ve noticed that most of my hiking trails have a waterfall at the end and the tougher the hiking trail the greater the waterfall experience. I have learned a few things duringContinue reading “Hiking and Waterfall lesson – TRAIL”

The Man in The Corner- Challenge

The man in the corner is fearless however the man in the comfort zone is in trouble. I’ve had many stories about individuals that started a business after losing their jobs and end up becoming successful businessmen or businesswomen. When they tell their stories, they all say the same things. “I had nothing to lose”Continue reading “The Man in The Corner- Challenge”