Hiking and Waterfall lesson – TRAIL

Nature will teach you a lot of things about life if you are observant. I have adopted hiking as one of my hobbies. I’ve noticed that most of my hiking trails have a waterfall at the end and the tougher the hiking trail the greater the waterfall experience. I have learned a few things duringContinue reading “Hiking and Waterfall lesson – TRAIL”

The Man in The Corner- Challenge

The man in the corner is fearless however the man in the comfort zone is in trouble. I’ve had many stories about individuals that started a business after losing their jobs and end up becoming successful businessmen or businesswomen. When they tell their stories, they all say the same things. “I had nothing to lose”Continue reading “The Man in The Corner- Challenge”

Igniting the Human Positive Condition _ PERMA 

When I was growing up, I use to hear my mother saying, the car has broken down your father will not be a good company to be with. It took me almost 30 years to understand what my mother was saying. It was the call from my wife, that made me understand my mother’s statement.Continue reading “Igniting the Human Positive Condition _ PERMA “

Hardwork Meet Talent – GIFT

My first coach and mentor, in my younger days he taught me that hardworking complements talent to achieve success in life. For years I struggled with this phrase. I often hear football coaches saying this is a talented player, but he will not make it to his full potential. One of the reasons they give,Continue reading “Hardwork Meet Talent – GIFT”

Achievement Carries us During Difficult Times

I often hear people saying you must never look back in life, but the wise man said only look back to draw inspiration. Where do I draw inspiration if nothing is inspiring in the past? What can be classified as inspirational moments? The inspiration moments in my life is every challenge that comes our way. Challenges us, much moreContinue reading “Achievement Carries us During Difficult Times”