SERVICE of the Men With an R4 rifle

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2020 was a difficult year for everyone, one of the things we could not do was our date weekend with my wife. After 8 months of lockdown in South Africa, all our relationship culture was not the same. After our annual couple retreats, we reinstated some of our relationship cultural practise and one of them was dates weekend.

On our way back from our first date weekend, I had to pass through police station to get commissioner of oats to sing off for the trust documents that my friend and I were working on for our legacy. We stopped at the police station to get commissioner of oats sings off, my wife said she will wait in the car. I entered the charge office, at the front desk one couple was sitting there to report missing person case. Only one officer was on the front desk, but you could hear that someone was in the back office. I waited for about 40 minutes without any service provided, for a 2-minute service. 15 minutes later one young lady entered the charge office for certification of documents, a minute later middlemen age entered the charge office, he was on the cell phone. 

A few minutes later the men left the charge office and the middlemen age officer that was in the back office appeared with car keys on his hand. He walked to the door, living the charged officer. On his way out he stopped and asked, are you both together? I replied, no and he stops for a minute but continued to walk to the police van. It now 1,5 hours sitting at the charge office for a 2-minute service. I’m now fuming inside, and you can see it in my eyes, what makes things worse is the middlemen age officer that did not provide the 2-minute service after asking. What made me angrier, why did he ask if he’s was not going provide the 2-minute service?

A minute later one officer came in with one suspect in handcuffs, followed by the Men With an R4 Rifle. The men on the phone returned and walk straight to the back office with some documents. A few minutes later, he was done and left the charge office. I was starting to lose it and I was 5 minutes away from walking out, but the officer that came with suspect came back and walk out of the charge office door followed by Men With an R4 Rifle.  Something unexpected happened, the Men With an R4 Rifle stopped and asked the officer at the front desk, are you working alone. She responded, yes I’m alone.  The Men With an R4 Rifle asked who are here for commissioner of oats sing-off and certification of documents? We responded with the young lady, the Men With an R4 Rifle told his partner to wait for 10min he needs to assist the officer at the front desk.

The Men With an R4 Rifle went to the front desk, put his Rifle down and ask who came first. I was on my feet first, 2 minutes late my document was done and, on my way out of the charge office, I said to myself the Men With an R4 Rifle understand the concept of SERVICE. As was driving home I could not stop thinking, how can men without a gun do not help us but the Men With an R4 Rifle stop helps? That afternoon I could not stop thinking about SERVICE, I started looking for what is in the word SERVICE?

The Men With an R4 Rifle clearly understood the concept of SERVICE, which is in the word SERVICE. 

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SOCIALIt a responsible ethical framework and suggests that an individual has the obligation to work and other individuals for the benefit of society at large. The Men With an R4 Rifle understand the police service responsible ethical framework to benefit me and the young lady.

ETHICALIt the moral principle that governs conduct with its customers. The Men With an R4 Rifle moral principle are still in place which governs him with his customers.

RESPONSIBLE: The duty to perform the work for benefit of society at large. The understanding of his duty made him ask the question are you working alone?

VISION: Understanding of organisational vision to improve social services, by assisting the officer at the front deck improved the service provided to us.

INTELLIGENT: Having the capabilities of identifying the custom needs at all levels. The level of INTELLIGENT from the Men With an R4 Rifle made him identify the customers need while walking out the charge office.

COURTEOUS: Having good manners and respect for others in peruse of social service excellence. The respect of the Men With an R4 Rifle to us as customers in peruse of social service excellence.

ENGAGE: Be involved and pay attention to serving others for the benefit of society at large. Being involved and paying attention, making it easy for the Men With an R4 Rifle to serve while focusing on the task at hand.

The Men With an R4 Rifle made me forget the bad service from the middle men age officer that asked to serve us but left without helping. His understanding of the concept of SERVICE saved the day.

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